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Water Damage Repair

Dealing with a water damaged phone? We’ve got you covered!

Our mobile phones are always in our hands, on the table in front of us, or anywhere within reach. This is primarily because almost everything can be done on our phones: sending text messages, engaging in video calls, taking photos, staying in touch with family and friends, updating social media accounts, checking the weather and the stocks, and more. It’s only fitting that we invest in the best kinds, the ones that allow us to enjoy multiple features with no delay. But what happens when our cell phones fall from high surfaces, or worse, get soaked in water? We tend to assume that the next step is to head out and replace the device with a brand new one. Fortunately, there are certain types of water damage that aren’t beyond repair.

Mobile Repair Ninjas can repair most water damaged iPhone or Android devices. We offer the same service for iPads and iPods, too.

Protect Your Cell Phones from Water

Invest in Waterproof Cases

There are a lot of waterproof cases for both iPhone and Android.

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These come in different colors, too, so you won’t have to settle for a dull case. If you prefer having your phone nearby even when you’re by the pool or at the beach, investing in a waterproof case is your best option. Small water droplets on the phone aren’t as harmless as you think. Sure, they can easily be wiped off, but they can also cause serious damage.

Proper storage

Going swimming? Make sure your phone is either inside your bag (far from the pool or the ocean), or inside a room you can lock.

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A few hours away from your device won’t hurt. Keeping your mobile phone indoors while you enjoy staying in the water with your family and friends is a surefire way to protect the device from water. If you insist on having your phone around to capture fun moments by the pool or at the beach, avoid engaging in horseplay that may cause you to drop your phone in the water.


Don’t put your phone beside glasses and pitchers.

When someone accidentally knocks over a glass or a pitcher, your phone will be the first to get wet.

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Don’t forget that puddles form under glasses and pitchers that contain cold water. These puddles can slowly make their way closer to your phone. Avoid accidents by keeping your phone at a safe distance from water or other liquids.

Professional Electronics Repair Services

Tablet and Cellphone Water Damage Repair

Taking these preventive measures will help keep your phone safe, but we can’t deny that accidents happen. Before you think of tossing out your damaged device and purchasing a new one, why not let a professional cell phone repair team take care of your dilemma? This will save you the trouble of spending more for a brand-new device. Sometimes, it just takes a few days to restore your phone to its original quality. All you need to do is find the right team for the job. Professionals who specialize in mobile replacement and repairs can repair a water damaged Samsung or iPhone.

Mobile Repair Ninjas offers extensive replacement and repair services for mobile phones, both iPhone and Samsung alike, as well as for iPads and iPods. Our team of experts will check the severity of water damage on your device and make the necessary repairs. We can repair a water damaged iPhone and leave you with a fully functional device. Bring your damaged devices to us, and our team will have them working again in no time.


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