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Speaker Problems

Only the best speaker repair service for your mobile devices.

Mobile phones make it easier for us to work and communicate on the go. We can multitask and go through our daily routines with ease, thanks to the convenience and features mobile phones offer. Another great thing about our devices is how we can also enjoy our favorite series, films, and music. Without having to switch on our television sets or use large music players, we can enjoy watching and listening with just a few taps. This is especially handy during long commutes or lulls during the day. Listening to music and watching videos helps keep us occupied.

Whether you prefer to watch or listen with headphones or on loudspeaker, you need to make sure your device’s audio settings are adjusted well. Playing music or movies too loud can affect the speakers, the overall sound quality, and even worse, damage your hearing.

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Distorted sounds, caused by damaged speakers, hinders activities such as engaging in video chats, making phone calls, listening to music, and watching videos. If you’re currently stressing over speaker issues, know that Mobile Repair Ninjas offers the perfect solution. As phone repair experts, we can pinpoint the cause of mobile phones’ speaker problems and carry out the necessary repair or replacement services.

Causes of Speaker Problems

Water Damage

Water damage is a common cause of problems in mobile phones. Either the device falls into a puddle, a swimming pool, or the ocean, or a beverage spills on it.

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A soaked cell phone usually shuts off completely and fail to restart despite numerous attempts. You can try blow drying certain parts, but that still won’t fully solve the problem. Speaker issues are often caused by water damage. Fortunately, Mobile Repair Ninjas offers phone repair and replacement service for both iPhone and Android.

Poor Storage

Dust can easily get trapped in the smallest areas, such as inside headphones, the port, the sides of the phone, and in the speakers.

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Failing to store your phone properly when not in use can cause speaker problems, too. It’s best to use a case or keep the phone in a clean and dry surface.

Software Problems

If it’s not the hardware, it’s most probably your cell phone’s software. This is best fixed by phone repair experts.

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Software problems can’t be addressed through risky DIY repairs. Expert help is needed to pinpoint the root of the problem. You’ll be relieved to know that Mobile Repair Ninjas’ phone repair service covers all speaker issues.

Professional Tablet and Mobile Phone Repair

Samsung and iPhone Speaker Repair Service

Distorted audio may be bothersome, but at least it’s something that can be fixed. After checking your settings and your cell phone’s hardware, and you still experience speaker problems, it’s time to let phone repair professionals take over. Mobile Repair Ninjas offers quality repair service and replacement parts. We can solve speaker issues for Samsung, iPhone, and tablets. In no time, you can enjoy clear, audible audio again for phone calls, video chats, music, and movies. Don’t worry about your device speakers. Let our team of professionals take over your dilemma.


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