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It’s not common for smartphone users to constantly switch their devices on and off. However, the power button doubles as a lock button, too, which means it is used multiple times a day.  It may seem like just another small button on the side of your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, but it’s actually a security feature, too. 

Pressing the power button to lock your phone will prompt a passcodes or a touch ID once an attempt to unlock your phone is made.

When your power button is broken but you need to switch on your phone and make a call or send an important message before heading out to have it repaired, you can try a couple of quick fixes:

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  •  Charge your phone or connect it to your computer using a USB cable. A few seconds after plugging in your phone, it will start up and allow you to send messages or make calls.
  • iPhone users can enable the Assistive Touch feature. When you want to switch off your phone but your power button is broken, go to Accessibility settings and switch on the Assistive option. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. A small, grayish icon will appear on your screen. Tapping on this icon includes a Device option. Selecting Lock Screen will also take you to the Power Off screen mode.

You can take a step closer to solving this problem by consulting a trusted team that offers smartphone repairs.  There may be a number of options you can try first, but it’s best to seek professional services as opposed to risky DIY troubleshooting. Mobile Repair Ninjas offers smartphone repairs for both iPhone and Android users.

A faulty power button is usually caused by either of the following:

Pressing Down on the Power Button Too Hard

can cause serious damage.

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One gentle press will do, but when you apply too much pressure, it can cause delays or malfunctions.

Dropping your Phone

multiple times is a factor too.

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When a mobile phone or tablet falls from a high surface and onto another solid surface, it will affect not just the appearance of your device but its functions too.


Water Damage

can also be a cause of a broken power button.

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Water damage can also be a cause of a broken power button.



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Power Button Replacement

Whether it’s a minimal issue or a major one, cell phone problems get in the way of communicating, working, and the general enjoyment of our mobile devices. It’s especially tougher for those who are always on the go, or those who do most of their work on their phones while they travel. Fortunately, smartphone repairs can easily be done by professionals. If you’re having trouble with your cell phone’s power button, you don’t have to worry. Mobile Repair Ninjas can pinpoint the root of the problem and subsequently provide the solution in order to have your device working smoothly again. We provide smartphone repairs for both Android and iPhone. Instead of resorting to risky, DIY repairs at home, let our team of professionals take over and give you quality smartphone repairs. Get in touch with us today!


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