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We offer phone jack replacement for mobile phones!

Our mobile phones come with a lot of entertainment features. Years back, cell phones were used primarily to make calls, and send and receive text messages. Now, these devices allow us to send emails, exchange videos and images with friends, take photos, and listen to music. You’ll notice that some people prefer traveling, working, and exercising with headphones on. This is because music helps pass the time, tune out stressful thoughts, block outside noise, and improve focus and concentration. Fortunately, most smartphones come with headphones. These make video chatting and voice calls more enjoyable, too. Think hands-free.

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Your only setback would be a sudden change in volume and overall sound quality. When this happens, you can check your smartphone’s audio settings, or if your headphones are plugged in well. If all else fails, get in touch with a trusted team that provides quality phone repair services. Professionals can accurately identify the root of the problem and provide the necessary repair or replacement service needed.

What Causes Headphone Jack Issues?

Improper Storage

Do you quickly roll up your headphones and stuff them in your bag or pocket after use?

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This may seem like the fastest and most convenient way to keep them, but doing so can eventually trigger headphone jack issues. Headphones aren’t made to be wound up tightly, and headphone jacks aren’t supposed to be left exposed or forcibly kept in small, cramped spaces like pockets.


Water Damage

Keep your headphones away from swimming pools, the ocean, pitchers and glasses filled with water, and damp surfaces.

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Leaving your headphones exposed to water will cause damage to the jack. Water damaged devices and accessories can be fixed. Mobile Repair Ninjas offers an extensive range of phone repair services for iPhone, Android, and even iPads.


Improper Cleaning

Don’t just use any cloth and cleaning solutions to wipe your headphones and the jack.

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Improper cleaning will eventually lead to a faulty or broken headphone jack.

Jammed Headphone Jack

Carelessly yanking the headphone jack in and out will definitely cause problems.

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It will affect both your device and the headphones, and eventually lead to a jammed headphone jack. It’s best to carefully remove the jack from the device after use and storing the headphones properly, as opposed to quickly removing it and leaving the headphones on the nearest surface.

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Phone Jack Replacement

A broken headphone jack is quite the hassle, but it’s still better than a broken smartphone altogether. You’ll be glad to know there is a solution for your problem. Mobile Repair Ninjas is a trusted team of smartphone repair experts. Offering a full range of phone repair and replacement services for iPhone and Android, they can take care of the problem in no time. Purchasing inexpensive headphones may sound like the easiest and most practical thing to do, but substandard quality will give you more problems in the long run. It’s best to seek expert help and be provided services and accessories that are safe and compatible with your device. For reliable phone jack replacement and phone repair, connect with Mobile Repair Ninjas today.


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