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We can restore data for mobile phones.

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, we can safely conclude that the smartphones today allow us easy access to a plethora of applications. These apps are categorized and designed to perform well on both types of devices. This convenience bridges us to more knowledge, as apps today aren’t just for games and entertainment. Applications on both the App Store and Google Play are good for business, learning, and even traveling (navigation, language, currency converters, etc.).

Downloading is easy, too. Just a few taps, and seconds or minutes of waiting, and the newly downloaded apps are ready to be used. We have to remember though, that in order to fully enjoy what our smartphones and the applications offer, an updated operating system is key.

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Software updates, depending on your internet speed, takes only a few minutes to download and launch. Application updates, on the other hand, download faster. Pick only safe applications to download, as some tend to slow down the device’s performance and even transmit viruses.

There is a possibility of untrusted apps with updates that affect the files on your phone. This is why we should be cautious about what we download. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than losing all important data. When this happens, you can rely on a trusted phone repair team to solve the problem for you. Mobile Repair Ninjas offers quality phone repair services including data recovery for both iPhone and Android.

Common Causes of Data Loss

Corrupted Software

Unfortunately, this is beyond your control. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, certain applications, or your phone’s software, still fail and leave you with bigger problems.

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If an app keeps crashing or if you notice certain changes on your device performance, uninstall the app right away before it can cause more damage to your device. When your phone slows down or keeps crashing, bring your device to an expert phone repair team right away.

Hardware Malfunctions

Constantly dropping your phone or leaving it exposed to too much heat, cold, or water may cause hardware malfunctions and consequently, data loss.

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Sometimes, seemingly harmless factors are actually the main culprit for inconveniences. Take care of your device and keep it stored well to avoid damaging both hardware and software.



Downloading apps, music, and movies definitely puts your device at risk. Viruses don’t just slow devices down, these can steal information too. 

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Other malware can cause a lot of damage to your phone. Make sure you download a safe and reliable antivirus to keep your phone and data protected.

Tablet and Cellular Phone Repair

Data Recovery

Stressing over data loss? Don’t worry. Mobile Repair Ninjas has you covered. As a trusted team of phone repair experts, we offer both repair and replacement services for iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Android devices. This means you can have your phone working smoothly again in no time. As opposed to purchasing a new device or resorting to risky, do-it-yourself techniques from home, leave the work to us and we’ll solve your problem right away. Expect accurate diagnosis, seamless results, and impressive customer service from our team of phone repair professionals. Allow us to solve your data loss dilemma.


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