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Charging Issues

There’s no charging issue our phone repair service can’t fix!

Charging issues are a plague to modern devices. As smartphones become more complex, the more difficult it becomes to figure out what’s wrong  when the device starts malfunctioning. Slow performance, WiFi connection issues, and apps crashing are only a few of these things. Charging problems for mobile phones prove to be the most common, however, since most people fail to realize how much abuse a battery and charger gets on a daily basis. 

Your cell phone may experience trouble charging for a myriad of reasons. There could be damage or obstruction to the charging port or cable, your battery could be damaged, there could be third-party apps interfering with charging, or your newly updated operating system could be causing some form of interference or trouble with charging.

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Any one of these problems could be the cause of your mobile phone or iPad’s charging issues. In case you haven’t noticed, hardware problems tend to be the main culprit. While it’s true that certain apps and operating systems can negatively affect your phone’s charging, the majority of the time it’s the hardware that ends up being the problem.

How To Avoid Charging Issues

Proper Storage

After you’ve charged your phone, make sure your charger is stored in a safe and dry place, like a drawer.

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Avoid twisting the cables and squeezing the charger in a tight space as this will eventually cause damage.

Use Compatible Chargers

Purchasing the cheapest product may seem like the practical step to replacement,..

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but this may actually do more harm than good. Generic chargers aren’t always compatible with our devices. Using such will trigger charging issues and cause harm to your device’s battery.

Avoid Overcharging

Once the battery meter reflects a full charge, unplug the charger and disconnect the pin from your device.

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Overcharging will affect both your charger and your mobile phone or tablet’s battery.



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Smartphone and Tablet Charging Issues

A damaged or bloated battery is also another dilemma that can severely affect your phone’s charging. When this happens, it’s usually best to consult cell phone repair experts for accurate diagnosis and possible battery replacement to prevent any further problems. You don’t want the bloated battery damaging the inner modules and circuits of your phone.  

The average lifespan of a smartphone battery is around 2 years, give or take. This rough estimate should help you keep track of when to expect it to start giving out, and when you should get a new battery. It is vital to keep in mind that like everything else, your device and its battery have lifespans that significantly shorten after being subjected to repeated abuse. However, when the time comes that you do start to notice both your charger and your battery giving out, it shouldn’t be too difficult to have professionals take care of your device’s charging issues. Mobile Repair Ninjas provides prompt and reliable phone repair services for Samsung, iPhone, and tablets. We’ll take care of your mobile phone or tablet’s charging issues.


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