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We offer cracked cell phone screen repair services for iPhone and Android!

Do you have a habit of sleeping with your phone next to your pillow, or resting it on whatever surface is nearest? It’s convenient to have your mobile device within reach, but it poses quite a lot of risks, too. If you sleep with your phone beside you, involuntary movements may cause us to knock the phone over. Putting the phone on the first flat surface we see isn’t as safe, either. Smartphones today are thinner and more fragile. Appearance wise, they’re sleek, attractive, and can fit in pockets and bags better. However, the parts are more sensitive.

The same goes for iPads. One fall, and cracks could already surface on the screen. iPads are heavier compared to your smartphones. Balancing such a device on a narrow surface or failing to hold it steady when in use may result in accidents.

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It’s no wonder there are thick cases with matching handles available. These come especially handy for kids who frequently use iPads.  Before resorting to smartphone screen replacement or worrying about a shattered iPad screen, take a look at some of the ways you can prevent damages on your iPhone or Android’s screen.

Protecting Your Device’s Screen

Use a Screen Protector

Thick, clear screen protectors won’t affect the clarity of your phone’s screen.

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These will protect the glass from scratches, stains, and fingerprints. Using a screen protector will keep your phone screen in good condition, provided proper maintenance is done. Screen protectors need to be wiped regularly with a soft cloth.



Buy Protective Cases for the iPad

A shattered iPad screen is unsightly and gets in the way of your browsing.

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The most common cause of a shattered iPad screen is when a pair of little hands fails to hold the device well. Buy a protective case with easier grip.


Invest in a Bumper Case

Bumper cases cushion falls. In the unfortunate event that your mobile device slips…

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and falls to the floor, you won’t immediately see a shattered screen or parts scattered everywhere.


Use a Phone Dock When Charging,

Engaging in video calls, or watching videos. You won’t need to stack things together to create a semi-steady pillar for the phone to lean against,..

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or switch from one hand to the other just to hold on to the device. A phone dock keeps the device in place. It makes charging, watching videos, and video chatting easier, and it also lessens the risk of broken screens. There are phone docks available for cars too. This makes using navigation apps safer and easier.


Buy a PopSocket or Cases with Finger Loops

Decrease the risk of dropping your phone with PopSockets or cases that come with finger loops.

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Whether you’re browsing your social media timeline, taking selfies, or simply holding the phone in your hand, these new features will help keep them secure and keep you from accidentally dropping the device.

Quality Smartphone Repair Services

Mobile Screen Repair

A shattered tablet screen and a broken cell phone screen are both bothersome and unsightly. Fortunately, you don’t need to purchase a new device in case these happen. It’s best to let cell phone repair experts take over. They can provide accurate diagnosis and the necessary repair or replacement services for your device. Mobile Repair Ninjas offers smartphone screen replacement for both iPhone and Android, as well as replacement services for shattered iPad screen. We provide expert diagnosis, and safe and reliable repair and replacement services for iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Motorola, name it! With Mobile Repair Ninjas, your device will be in good hands. Leave the work to us and we’ll take care of all your iPad and smartphone screen replacement needs.


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