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Need Android or iPhone battery replacement?

It can be incredibly frustrating when your device suffers battery damage, and your phone’s power begins to drain way quicker than you’re comfortable with. Simply using your phone becomes a pain, as everything suddenly becomes a race against time before the battery drains. Your cell phone’s battery is practically the heart of your device, and you’ll begin to notice how much harder it is to make good use of it if everything you do on it ends up consuming a ton of power. This sort of damage often occurs when your phone’s battery has been subjected to overcharging or overheating, which are also early signs that you may need to go for iPhone battery replacement.

Battery issues often result from using the device and charging it at the same time, or leaving the phone charging for too long. Although more commonly, simple aging can cause your battery to lose its original quality and drain much faster.

Common Causes of Battery Issues in Mobile Phones

Battery-Draining Applications and Activities

When your mobile phone’s brightness settings are too high, when dozens of apps continue to run and refresh in the…

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background, or when all your notifications keep going on during the day, your battery will definitely drain much faster. Turning on the automatic sync feature is a contributing factor to your draining battery, too. A good step would be to adjust your settings and disable certain features.

Hardware Issues

Is it the charger, the charging port, or the battery itself? Sometimes, using a charger that’s not compatible with the device impacts the battery most.

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Charging multiple times a day and carelessly yanking the charger in and out from the port can affect the battery, too. Get an accurate diagnosis by connecting with Mobile Repair Ninjas. We offer iPhone battery replacement services. We service Android devices and iPads, too.


Insufficient Charging

Your battery meter hasn’t reached 100%, yet you’ve already unplugged the charger. Doing this habitually will affect the performance…

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of your phone’s battery and leave you with a percentage that decreases quicker than usual.

Phone Repair Service

Battery Replacement

Battery repair or battery replacement services can save you the trouble of purchasing a new device. A full replacement of your mobile phone’s battery first involves the use of a battery tester that examines the specifications and status of your phone’s battery. Recommending Samsung or iPhone battery replacement happens after professionals have extensively checked the damage or status of your phone’s lithium-ion battery. We can diagnose and replace iPhone and Samsung batteries, and batteries for tablets as well.

With Mobile Repair Ninjas, getting your phone’s battery problem sorted out should be no problem at all. We offer both Android and iPhone battery replacement. In no time, you won’t have to worry about having to purchase a portable charging device or running out of battery when you’re out. You’ll be able to enjoy your device more once we’ve replaced its faulty battery. Go for trusted phone repair service by leaving it all up to Mobile Repair Ninjas.


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