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Stressing over a broken cell phone? Leave it to the experts at Mobile Repair Ninjas! With trusted repair and replacement services for iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Androids, Mobile Repair Ninjas will have your mobile device functioning properly and looking good as new in no time.

Replacement Services

Back Glass Replacement

Today’s mobile phones are designed to give a lifestyle boost, with sleek exteriors, impressive built-in features, and high-definition display.

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What happens when certain parts of these mobile devices fall victim to damage? The back glass of an iPhone or an Android, for instance, happens to be one of the most fragile parts. This can crack or break easily when the phone falls to the ground, or when a heavier object lands on it. Tiny cracks shouldn’t be dismissed as “barely there” flaws, as these can eventually lead to further damage. To avoid further inconvenience, let cell phone repair experts at Mobile Repair Ninjas provide you with quality back glass replacement. Find out more by connecting with Mobile Repair Ninjas.

Battery Replacement

Your cell phone isn’t just good for making phone calls, and sending and receiving messages. Your phone can assist you in your travels, too,..

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..and make increased productivity at work possible through apps and features like maps, GPS, office tools, and so forth. That’s why it can be quite frustrating when low battery percentage constantly interrupts the activities you do on your mobile device. Constantly charging your cell phone may cause more damage, too.  Perhaps you need to replace your old battery. Accomplish more and enjoy uninterrupted browsing and interaction with Mobile Repair Ninjas’ battery replacement service. Whether it’s your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android, trust that our team can resolve your battery issues in no time. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!

Broken Screen Replacement

You don’t have to exert effort trying to decipher text and understand images through the cracks of your cell phone screen.

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Settling for such damage will only cause bigger problems in the long run, such as LCD problems, splinters, and eye strain. Strong impact on the screen and the device itself happens when the cell phone or tablet falls from a high surface, when an object lands on it, or when it hits solid surfaces. Don’t stress over buying a new device altogether just yet. You can approach cell phone repair professionals for broken screen replacement. Mobile Repair Ninjas’ expert technicians can take care of your cell phone’s shattered screen. Try our broken screen replacement service today.

Camera Replacement

Being able to point and shoot to capture special moments is one of the many impressive things our mobile phones allow us to enjoy.

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Instead of having to set up professional cameras, tweak the settings, and find perfect lighting, we can take snapshots with just a few taps on our phones. Sometimes, though, our cell phone cameras tend to malfunction. This can be caused by software problems or a damaged exterior. Don’t let a broken cell phone camera get in the way of your fun! Mobile Repair Ninjas’ camera replacement service can solve your problem. We’ll replace your broken camera with one that functions smoothly and lets you fully enjoy taking photos and recording videos. Get in touch with our team and we’ll gladly help you.

Phone Jack Replacement

If you’re the type who’s always found with earphones on, you know how exasperating…

Read More is when you suddenly have to deal with poor sound quality or worse, no sound at all. Perhaps it’s not the actual audio of your phone that’s causing the problem. It could be the earphone jack of your cell phone. After checking if the earphones are plugged well, or if the accessory and port are clean, and the problem still persists, perhaps the phone jack needs to be replaced. Mobile Repair Ninjas is equipped with high-quality replacement parts for cell phone and tablet issues. Our technicians can replace your phone jack in no time. With reliable phone jack replacement service, communicating, listening to music, and watching movies can be enjoyed more. Keep your devices in good condition. Connect with us today.


Power Button Replacement

For some devices, the power button doubles as the lock button, too. Sometimes, power buttons on..

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..smartphones and tablets fail to respond. When this happens, some users connect their cellphones to chargers or computers just to exit standby mode. These shouldn’t be your only options. Power button problems can be solved easily. All you need to do is find an expert team to get the job done well. Mobile Repair Ninjas offers power button replacement service. Your mobile phones will be in good hands with our team. Expect a high-quality replacement button and a device that’s working smoothly again. Get in touch to find out more.

Other Services

Charging Issues

Overcharging mobile devices or using them while charging will definitely cause charging issues.

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Apps running in the background, location services, and consistent data syncing are contributing factors to the problem, too. Constantly plugging and unplugging the charger and carelessly disconnecting the device from it will prompt further issues, as well. In case of charging issues, don’t just head out and purchase a new charger or a replacement battery without making sure the part or the accessory is compatible with the device. Have a professional pinpoint the problem and discuss the best solution. This is the best way to preserve the condition of your phone and prevent further damages. Mobile Repair Ninjas will readily assist you and take care of your device’s charging issues. Allow our expert technicians to help you today.

Data Recovery

Data loss can be caused by software problems, and malware and other viruses.

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It can also be caused by untrusted apps with automatic updates. Fortunately, you can retrieve lost data. Avoid downloading more applications that guarantee data recovery, or letting just anyone try their hand at retrieving data. It’s best to let cell phone repair experts handle the problem. Expert technicians will identify the root of the problem, followed by safe and trusted data recovery.  Data backup should be your next step after data recovery. When it comes to your mobile device and the information stored in it, safety should always be the top priority. Our professional technicians can efficiently handle all your data recovery needs. Let our team keep your device in good condition.

Data Transfer

Switching from an old device to a new one? Or simply transferring data from one device to another?

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Save time and keep your mobile devices safe by letting experts take over. Go for professional data transfer services instead of carrying out any do-it-yourself methods that put your devices at risk. You’ll want a trusted team that ensures a safe transfer process. Mobile Repair Ninjas can effectively transfer data for both iPhone and Android devices.  You won’t have to worry about data loss, viruses, and other risks. Our team guarantees seamless data transfer for your devices. Find out more by staying connected.

Speaker Problems

Speaker problems cause us to miss important phone calls and messages, and miss out on our music as well as  the series and movies we enjoy watching.

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If your audio settings are adjusted right, your earphones are working, and you still experience speaker problems, it’s time to seek expert help. Software problems and accidents are often the cause of audio issues. No matter how many times we attempt to resolve the problem ourselves, we won’t be able to resolve the issue by resorting to quick fixes and risky DIY methods. Let our team of cell phone repair experts handle all your speaker problems. Get in touch today for the best service.

Water Damage

It’s hard to be without our mobile devices even just for a day. Problems like water damage get in the way of communicating, interacting, and working.

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That’s why it’s best to keep our mobile phones as safe as possible, whether through mindful use, proper storage, investing in waterproof cases, and more. In case of water damage, don’t toss your phone out just yet. There’s always a solution. Mobile Repair Ninjas offers repair services for water damaged iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Androids. With our experts working on your device, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Find out more about how we can help restore your phone to its original state. Connect with Mobile Repair Ninjas today.

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