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This privacy statement includes essential information concerning your rights and how we protect and use the information we collect from you.

Mobile Repair Ninjas values your privacy. In giving timely assistance through a responsive and user-friendly website, we are able to provide improved customer service as well as other information aligned with our business and services offered. In protecting your submitted data (which may include contact details and other personal info) we have created a brief outline of how our website and all its contents meet the requirements aligned with state laws and legalities to ensure the confidentiality of your information. collects information necessary in doing business with our clients and giving them better access to our company profile as well as the services we offer. This information is used solely for business and communication. It may include your name, location, postal code, birthdate, e-mail address, and other details on how our team can get in touch with you. We will not disclose any of your personal information, as well as that of our other clients, to anyone outside our team.


We reserve all personal data for our own, professional use and assure all users that no other affiliates will be granted access to said information. We will notify you before making any changes to the terms, conditions, and privacy policy of this website and subsequently allow you the option to review the provisions before continuing with the use of our website.


As a prerequisite to the use of this website, you will comply with all applicable laws when accessing

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