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Thin, with big screens and high-quality display, LG mobile phones are among the most popular in the market.

Thin, with big screens and high-quality display, LG mobile phones are among the most popular in the market. Take the LG V30+ for instance. It’s 6.0” FullVision Display allows users to better enjoy the wide angle camera and Hi-Fi video recording feature. A sleek and attractive premium smartphone, LG promises longer battery life and is built with durable hardware.

Like most top of the line smartphones, LG has its fair share of problems. Thankfully, these can be easily be addressed by expert mobile repair technicians.

Here are some of the common problems of the LG G5:


While not all LG mobile phones have this problem, it’s still a nuisance to have your mobile device restarting at random and for no reason at all.

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The common way to troubleshoot is to press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time until the phone resets. Some users resort to removing the battery too, and waiting a few minutes before pressing the power button again.

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Does your LG mobile phone constantly freeze up? In case of an unresponsive touchscreen, try some of these fixes:

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  • Check if everything is up to date. Settings>General>About Phone>Update Center>Software Update. Launch the Play Store and select My Apps and Games from the top-left corner of the screen and select Update All.
  • Clear your cached data. Go to Settings>General>Storage and USB>Cached Data and click OK to delete.
  • For a factory reset, make sure your data is backed up. Then, go to Settings>General>Backup and Reset>Factory Data Reset.

LED Notifications

For default messaging apps, the LED notifications seem to work fine but for third-party apps, the LED fails to light up.

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Fortunately, not all LG phones have this problem. A good workaround would be use other apps that allow you more control over the LED notification feature. It’s also best to double check all settings first, especially the notification types.

Audio Static

Some LG mobile phones emit a hissing noise or a static of some sort when the device is plugged into a car audio system via an AUX port.

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This can also happen with headphones. Make sure the cable is completely inserted and fixed firmly in place. It could also be a compatibility issue with either the headphone jack or the car audio system.

Keep your LG smartphones working smoothly and in their best shape by consulting mobile repair experts in case any of the problems listed above arise.

Avoid DIY repairs and hasty troubleshooting, and let professional technicians provide you with quality diagnosis and repair or replacement services.

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